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If you're looking for a reliable and efficient partner to handle all your drone solutions, we are at your assistance! Pixroot Technologies PVT LTD have a team of highly skilled drone experts who have the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life.

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If you need a team of highly skilled and experienced drone pilots for your project, look no further than Pixroot Technologies PVT LTD. Our platform has a pool of professional drone pilots and high-end drones with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

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Pixroot Technologies PVT LTD stands today to provide comprehensive drone solutions across India and transform traditional industrial practices through highly efficient drones. We deliver aerial solutions by presenting excellent services with incredible speed and precision.

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We maintain quality by using drones equipped with the latest technologies for better performance and results.


Our team comprises certified professionals and maintains professionalism for each project. We are customer-driven, thus ensuring satisfactory outcomes.


With hard work and devotion, we have been able to be your trusted drone service provider. Our loyal customer can share their experience with you!

Sky-High Solutions for Modern Agriculture

Revolutionize your farming practices with our cutting-edge agricultural drones. Discover a smarter way to cultivate, optimize, and thrive in the fields of tomorrow.

6 Reasons to Use Agricultural Drones:

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Pixroot Technologies has a robust and secure network infrastructure that provides seamless connectivity for our clients.

At a time, we have the strength of 500 pilots and (150-200) drones running to serve you in your endeavor.

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Frequently Ask Question

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, another term for the drone. A UAV is an aircraft without a pilot onboard and is controlled remotely or can fly autonomously using onboard computers. In the drone industry, UAVs are often used for various purposes, including aerial photography, surveying, mapping, inspection, and delivery.

Drones are helpful for various tasks, including aerial photography, fast and cost-effective agriculture surveys, search and rescue, oil and gas drone inspection, disaster management Services, and military and law enforcement operations. They provide unique aerial perspectives, efficiency, and safety benefits.

They can operate in the rain, but drone video service performance may be affected. Rain can cause a decrease in battery life, affect the sensors and cameras, and create additional drag on the drone, reducing its flight time and stability.

A drone is an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of autonomous or semi-autonomous flight. Drones come in various sizes, shapes, and capabilities and are used for various purposes, including aerial photography and videography, surveying and mapping, delivery of goods, and military operations. They typically include a flight controller, motors, sensors, cameras, and communication systems and are powered by rechargeable batteries or fuel.

Yes, a drone mine survey can be used for mine surveying. We can quickly and efficiently capture high-resolution aerial imagery and collect data, allowing for more accurate mapping and analysis of mines. Our drones are equipped with specialized sensors, which can also help to detect and measure minerals and other resources. This use of drones in the mining industry has become increasingly popular in recent years due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to access difficult-to-reach areas.

Forest wildlife survey Services can be used for forest and wildlife surveys. We provide a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to survey large forest areas and collect factual data on wildlife populations, distribution, and habitat. We make sure that our drones will capture even corners.

Yes, drones can capture images and data related to yard waste dumps. Drones with high-resolution cameras can quickly and easily capture aerial images and videos of yard waste dump sites. This data can be used to assess the size and scope of the dump, monitor changes over time, and support waste management and clean-up efforts. Additionally, drones equipped with thermal imaging sensors and other specialized equipment can detect the presence of hot spots or fires with the help of thermal technology, which may be hidden beneath the surface of the waste.


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