Disaster Management

Quick Response To Disaster Management Needs!

At Pixroot Technologies PVT LTD, you ensure using drones to map the areas of mishaps to enable rapid response time and lower cost.

Using our drone services for disaster management means quick deployment, rendering high resolutions; 3D mapping, pinpointing the areas of the hotspot, locations upheld significant damage, and uploading real-time data that will help harmonize replacement efforts.

We have experience in disaster management projects using our drone services with reputed organizations offering aid after a natural disaster. Here in India, a culmination body specializes in disaster management. The first time drone services were used in the Uttarakhand floods by NDMA, or the national disaster management authority, was in 2013.

The goal is to provide drone services on the spot that enables instant situational awareness with the use of mapping technology and pictures/images, assisting firefighter in spotting the broken areas and assessing the extent of the harm. Disaster management drone plays a significant role in such cases.

These images are helpful in news coverage, communications, finding the survivors, accessing the ground reality, and damage to the infrastructure. So you have after and before pictures of the areas that were seriously damaged.

Our drone services are beneficial in getting the report with the images used by the disaster response team. Drones are ideally used in all the stages of disaster: preparation, recovery, prevention, and response.

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